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I’m a twenty-something woman in a major U.S. city, fwiw I’m white and kind of middle class and I do what you could call “knowledge work.” (#checkyourprivilege) Also atheist. Very atheist.

I’ve spent the last 5+ years politically quite… unsettled. Started adulthood as an unreflective/uninformed moderate, became a left-liberal, there was kind of a Georgist phase?, then I morphed into a left-libertarian/liberaltarian/Rawlsekian, with some moonlighting as a philosophical anarchist.

Recently, I stumbled onto the neoreaction/dark enlightenment scene, through a weird though utterly delightful confluence of internet and irl events. This body of thought has captured my curiosity, to say the least.

Can’t resist the urge to work through some things on the internet, because that’s how we roll.  You might have figured out who I am, but discretion is appreciated because of my work + existing social circles. Thanks for playing.     -CW



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